4 Tips on Building a Quick Website on a Budget

Starting an online business is not hard. Just make sure that you can a get a good start. The first thing you’ll need is a working website so you can showcase your products. Setting up a website doesn’t have to be expensive. You can quickly set up your site even if you are on a strict budget. Let me give you four tips on how you can build a website on a limited budget.


1. Domain

If you want to have a domain registered then, you have to pay for it. I’m not saying you need to spend a lot of money, so you don’t have to be nervous about it. You can have a domain for around $3.45 every month. The best option is Bluehost but if you have some money to spare then you can also go for Weebly.

2. Website Content

Your website should have content that will attract the viewers. Entrepreneurs often find the content of a site hard to do, but you just have to keep in mind that making it simple can catch the attention of your prospect customers. There should just be a detailed outline about the homepage, about page, the list of your products and how can your customers keep in touch with you.


3. Logo

It is important that you will have a logo that is eye catching. You must remember that it is the logo for your business. It will be the picture that will be stuck in your customer’s mind. You have to think of something creative that can easily attract attention.

4. Take Action

Don’t be stuck with just the plan because you have to take action and do it. If you use the budget friendly Bluehost, then you can make use of WordPress out of it. You’ll have your business website up and running in no time.


Don’t waste time and start to take action. You wouldn’t know if your small business can lead you to build an empire if you do not start now. Just remember that everything big started out small.

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